During the years, we have participated in many events: fairs, fashion shows, presentations, press days, photo shoots, exhibitions, competitions, workshops. Every event has been an occasion to improve our work and an opportunity to meet different and special people who have been an important contribution to our path.

There have been mistakes, there have been successes, there have been efforts, there have been surprises: all of this is part of the personal or corporate story of each of us. And, no matter how hard or how lucky it was, you have to move forward and look for new opportunities to grow up.

Don’t stop, look forward.

Press Day

Le Troisième Songe Atmosphere, L’Orto, Brescia.

Le Troisième Songe Atmosphere, Novara.

Milanovendemoda, Milan.

JFW International Fashion Fair & Terroir, Tokyo.

Mipap, Milan.

Monaco Fashion Planet, Principato di Monaco.

The Secret Room, with PERIDEA by Giacinta Massaro and Mara Cannone, Milan.

Atelier Workshop, Milan.